If by some chance you failed to learn her name, now is the as right time as any, as this young Muslim girl goes by the name Iqbal El-Assaad. Her life may have not started as easy but her story is just as impressive as she grew up to be the youngest doctor in history of mankind, which also got her the spot in the Guinness World Record book.
Growing up as the Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, Iqbal saw all the suffering that her people endured, and this only motivated her to educate herself. She was the smartest in the family, and as her father considered education to be the most important thing especially for females, she already had the predisposition to become someone exceptional.
While her brothers studied as they were older, Iqbal picked up most of the knowledge through them and while she was still to go to school, she already had solid knowledge of math. As she turned 12 she also drew attention and was sent to Katar to stay medicine. Living out her dream while at the same time being the youngest in her class Iqbal saw as the challenge.
Her professors at University considered her equal to other older students and this is what made Iqbal study harder, as her goal was and still is to help others. She hopes to open her private clinic one day and help all of those in need as a devoted Muslim woman and we hope Allah s.w.t. grants her that wish.
Medicine is definitely not as easy as one would think and it takes time to decide on such step but it seems this girl only followed her instinct and it got her this far, while she maintained her religion and her chastity.