“Inspiring Muslims” is a photo series dedicated to capturing the diversity of the Muslim community in the UK. Bringing to light the beauty and truthfulness of Islam whilst countering negative narratives. We also have series featuring other groups and countries.

Mainstream media has and continues to spread a culture of fear and negative stereotyping of Muslims. This project was born to change that and more, to give Muslims a voice and reclaim our narrative. One of the goals of this project is to show that we Muslims contribute to, and are an integral part of British society.

The project consists of portraits of British Muslims accompanied by a short account of how their faith has shaped their life, dreams, observations and learning. We ask our contributors to delve deep and think about what really matters to them in deciding their short story, in turn, we hope our readers will also be reflective and ask themselves, “What is my dream, observation or learning, and how has my faith shaped my life.”

It features Muslims from all walks of life, ethnic background, sect, denomination affiliation, demography, gender, genre, social economic class, political viewpoints; some may be well known and others are unsung contributing citizens. Muslims across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland from different ethnic backgrounds and professions reflecting the diversity of our country.

We invite you to explore our community’s diversity and get to know Islam and us through our stories.

INSPIRATION – We invite contributors who are keen to share their inspiring stories and share our mission. We believe that inspiration can be contagious. If you are Muslim and would like to be part of this project, or know someone who would, please email us using the form on our contact page OR send us an email to




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