Pakistan & Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

The humanitarian situation has reached a critical point as the death toll has sadly risen to over 1,000 people, 33 million people have been displaced, and thousands more have lost their homes and livelihoods. These floods come after earthquakes in Afghanistan and targeted attacks on worshipers in Pakistan.

Gaza Winter Walk 2023

Join our 15th annual Gaza Winter Walk in a city near you – and make a huge difference to the people of Gaza!

This year, we are fundraising to supports orphans in Gaza with their welfare and educational needs. Once more, we invite you to walk 5 miles to show your support for this incredibly important cause.
We will be heading to three cities across the UK in February 2023, bringing more families together to raise money for Gaza. So make sure you don’t miss out on this event!


Azra, Dental Medicine
LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Great lover of medicine and science
CHOSEN HADITH / AYAH: “By the morning brightness. And the night when it covers with darkness. Your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has He detested.”